This post refers to DotKernel 1, based on Zend Framework 1.
If you are looking for DotKernel 3 related posts, go here.

DotKernel 1.3.0 is released at last. It contains important changes and new features.

64: [Feature] Skin switcher in admin – closed.

The admin skin can be customized. There are several readymade skins like: blue, brown, gray and green. To set the admin skin, change the value of from application (e.g. = green).

76: [Bugs] Want-Url in frontend – closed.

To protect a link that is accessible by members only, add this line in the controller file to protect what is below it: Dot_Auth::checkIdentity();

77: [Bugs] Dot_Sessions / rename – closed.
70: [Bugs] Menu issue in Admin and frontend – closed.
73: [Bugs] Naming consistency Upper-lower case in url – closed.
71: [Bugs] XSS forgot password – closed.
72: [Bugs] scan result Oct 12th – closed.
63: [Bugs] Scan results Oct 1, 2010 on 1.3.0 RC – closed.
69: [Bugs] reorganization of XMl files – closed.

Some xml files from configs folder have been changed to encompass the current needs of DotKernel. resource.xml has been deleted and its content split between route.xml and dots.xml. Check the manual to find more about route.xml and dots.xml

67: [Bugs] Security Issue / test controller – closed.
68: [Bugs] The canonical URL isn’t escaped – closed.
66: [Bugs] Blank line at the beginning of every file in the frontend – closed.
60: [Bugs] 1.3.0 as Release Candidate Friday Oct 1st – closed.
62: [Bugs] Admin text box class dojo – closed.
55: [Bugs] geoIP extension: record by name + list in dashboard admin GEOIP version and build – closed.
59: [Bugs] Admin listings # – closed.
61: [Bugs] Admin Add Transporter not working – closed.
58: [Bugs] Admin : list stuff, div float – closed.
57: [Bugs] OS name on admin/on mouse over – closed.
53: [Bugs] drop-down list in admin/user logins – closed.
52: [Bugs] Admin hide debug bar in Login page – closed.

For more details see ChangeLog 1.3.0.

Note*: because of the bug 69, this release is not compatible with the previous versions. To see what else has changed, check DotKernel Tracker or DotKernel WebSVN.

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