DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications

How to’s

Generating a doctrine migration without dropping custom tables

If your application needs to hold some custom (unmapped) tables in the database, then generating migrations with doctrine-migrations diff will try to drop the custom tables. This article provides a solution on how to avoid dropping those tables. … Read More

Creating admin accounts in DotKernel API

Creating admin accounts in DotKernel API Starting from v3, DotKernel API introduces support for admin accounts. In this article we will describe two different methods of creating an admin account. … Read More

List available endpoints in DotKernel API using dot-cli

Displaying DotKernel API endpoints using dot-cli Starting from version 3, DotKernel API uses dot-cli to display a list of available endpoints. Usage Run the following command in your application’s root directory: php ./bin/cli.php route:list The command runs through all routes … Read More

Using Postman for documentation in DotKernel API 3

Using Postman documentation in DotKernel API 3 Starting from version 3.0 DotKernel API provides it’s documentation using Postman. In this article we will go into the details of creating and maintaining your application’s documentation. … Read More

Replacing dot-console with dot-cli based on laminas-cli

Implementing dot-cli in your application DotKernel’s dot-cli package comes as a replacement for dot-console, which was abandoned after Laminas abandoned their laminas-console package, that dot-console was based on. … Read More

CORS policy setup in Dotkernel using mezzio-cors

Error message Access to fetch at RESOURCE_URL from origin ORIGIN_URL has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Most developers have encountered this error when interacting with APIs. In this article we will … Read MoreRead More

How to group log files by date using dot-log

As described in this article, dot-log is a powerful tool for logging messages in your application. It’s power stays in the fact that it can be implemented in a few easy steps and that it’s highly customizable. … Read More

Doctrine Cache in Mezzio and Dotkernel

Doctrine caching in DotKernel Using an ORM in production without any sort of cache strategy is a very bad move. The Database server chokes; lots of CPU cycles wasted only to generate metadata and queries over and over again at … Read More

Logging with dot-log in Zend Expressive and DotKernel

This article will explain the usage of the dot-log component within DotKernel, Zend Expressive or in a project that uses Zend Service Manager. Since dot-log extends zendframework/zend-log this tutorial mostly compatible with zend-log as well. … Read More

Migrating DotKernel 3 from Zend Expressive 2 to Zend Expressive 3

This article covers the steps required to migrate a DotKernel 3 instance to the latest Zend Expressive Version. … Read More