In developing DotKernel application framework, we needed a tracking system. DotKernel Tracker is the place where the bugs are reported, new features are announced and other general tickets are added.

DotKernel Tracker is a Mantis web-based bugtracking system. To simplify the development of DotKernel, we integrated our web development IDE – Aptana with our bugtracking system – DotKernel Tracker. In the Downloads section, you will find screenshots with the below steps for Using Aptana with the Mylyn connector for Mantis

1. Install Aptana 2.0.5 by following these steps:

2. Install the Mylyn plugin:

Aptana -> Help ->Software Update


3. Aptana– >Windows -> Show View -> Other -> Task Repository

4. Right click: Add Task Repository -> Install More Connectors

5. Select Mantis , then Finish

6. Install Mylyn Connector Mantis

7. From the Task Repository window, right click to select Add Task Repository-> Mantis->Next

Server :

Label: DotKernel Tracker (or a custom string )

User ID: your username from If you don’t have an account, signup here

8. To check if your connection works, click on Validate Settings, then Finish

9. A window will popup asking if you want to create a query;  click Yes

10. Select project: DotKernel

Select filter: [Build-in] Latest Dot Kernel tasks

Query Title: change title – optional


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