DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications


A workhorse built on top of Laminas and Mezzio

Designed for

Control , Scalability & Performance

Dotkernel is a collection of PSR-7 Middleware applications.

Extending the power of

Mezzio /// Laminas


DotKernel is built around the PSR-11 dependency container. We have chosen Laminas Service Manager as our default implementation. Get started with Laminas Service Manager.


By default, no middleware in Mezzio is templated. For DotKernel’s Frontend application, we have chosen Twig as the default templating engine. Get started with Twig.


Among the various routing implementations compatible with Expressive, we have chosen FastRoute as DotKernel’s default routing library. Get started with FastRoute.

Http messages

Mezzio, and consequently DotKernel is built around the PSR-7 standard. It uses Laminas Diactoros as the PSR-7 implementation. Get started with PSR-7 and Diactoros.