DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications


A workhorse built on top of Laminas and Mezzio

Designed for

Control , Scalability & Performance

Dotkernel is a collection of PSR-7 Middleware applications.
Extending the power of

Mezzio /// Laminas


DotKernel is built around the PSR-11 dependency container. We have chosen Laminas Service Manager as our default implementation.
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By default, no middleware in Mezzio is templated. For DotKernel’s Frontend application, we have chosen Twig as the default templating engine.
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Among the various routing implementations compatible with Expressive, we have chosen FastRoute as DotKernel’s default routing library.

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Http messages

Mezzio, and consequently DotKernel is built around the PSR-7 standard. It uses Laminas Diactoros as the PSR-7 implementation.


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Designed and built by Apidemia

Control, Scalability & Performance

DotKernel is an Open Source project created and led by the dev team @Apidemia, initially as an internal tool to handle complex architectures, now freely open, our way of giving back to the community.