Enterprise applications development made easy!

With an easy learning curve, DotKernel addresses to beginner and intermediate level developers that want to start using Zend Framework in a more simple way.


Version: 1.8.1 LTS, Released

LTS (Long Time Support)

DotKernel components


Extend DotKernel the way you want it to. The built-in Plugin System is extremely useful especially when you want to insert a new component just by adding a few lines in your code instead of updating it from scratch This also prevents code repeating. Plugins can be used in API and Mobile modules.

GEO IP Detection

DotKernel can accurately detect the geographical location of visitors by integrating the GeoIP database from Maxmind, . It is a powerful solution for building and quickly delivering specific content. This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.

Template Engine

Inspired by the legendary PHPLib template engine, the updated Dot Template library has the same approach for building partial output blocks using preg_replace. Combined with the Zend_Cache backend storage.

Loads very fast

DotKernel has built-in support for the Zend_Cache backend storage providers. By using the cache system your site will load all the configuration files faster and will have a very good response rate. See how cache works here.

SEO and Routes

A custom implementation of the HMVC pattern that is easy to learn by beginner and intermediate level programmers alike. It uses Zend Framework conventions, but lowers the complexity of Zend_Route by having some default routes built-in: frontend, admin, rss, API and mobile.

Basic API

If your project needs a Web Service or data compatibility across different devices you can use DotKernel’s basic API. Based on HTTP, it’s easy to define, expose and consume, and there is also a simple rate limit system implemented.

CLI interface

DotKernel has built-in support for Command Line Interface. This module can be used for cronjobs or run PHP scripts from the command line. Defining actions is similar with the API module and console actions are added in Console/Controller.php.

Mobile Detection

DotKernel can detect if a guest is using a mobile device and will redirect mobile devices to the mobile module. This feature can be enabled/disabled in application.ini.
DotKernel’s User Agent basic sniffer is much faster compared to a device detection repository because it only detects if the device is mobile or not.

It is DotBoost Technologies way of giving back to the open source community, its way of advancing the art of PHP