Migration of Zend Framework 1 PEAR channel

The unofficial PEAR channel for Zend Framework 1 was hosted on Google Code at this location: ZF Pear, but since the closing of Google Code we were forced to move it. Zend Framework 1 is still used by a lot … Read More

Floating-Point Arithmetic – Why is (int)((0.7+0.1)*10) = 7 ?

This article applies to PHP 5.x but also to PHP 7 While using floating-point arithmetic you might have noticed that not all the calculus results are as expected, this can usually be observed when casting values. So the output for … Read MoreRead More

Using PHP 7 Express in Zend Studio 13

This article will cover the steps needed in order to check the PHP7 compatibility, a small troubleshooter. This article will also contain a compatibility issue check on the latest Zend Framework 1 version. What is PHP 7 Express? PHP 7 … Read MoreRead More

GeoIP City Removed From DotKernel

In the newest version we have removed the GeoIP City integration. The City database on GeoIP 1.1.0 extension was causing a segmentation fault, which resulted in crashing or outputting an error instead of executing the PHP Code. … Read More

DotKernel Reserved Variable Names for Caching

This article is related to: Caching in DotKernel with Zend Framework Cache The variables that DotKernel cache are below: Router Router is the object that load routes (modules, controllers, actions) settings from router.xml file. More info about router: http://www.dotkernel.com/docs/router-xml/ The … Read MoreRead More