Install a Mezzio app (DotKernel API) using WSL2

This article will run you through the steps of installing a Mezzio application (DotKernel API) in WSL2 and run it on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Step 1:

Make sure you have WSL2 installed on your machine by following this guide.

Step 2:

Install Ubuntu 20.0 LTS inside WLS2 as described here.

Step 3:

Create a virtualhost for your project using this guide.

Step 4:

Using your terminal, move into the virtualhost directory that you just created:

cd /home/your-username/projects/your-virtualhost

Install DotKernel API, by following this guide.

Make sure your data and log directories are writable by changing their permissions, as described here.

Step 5:

Setup PHPStorm to work with WSL2 files like in this article


There is a guide for AlmaLinux 8 as well, but that’s not fully functional because of a well-known issue regarding running systemd inside WSL2.

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