This post is old and probably out of date.

The unofficial PEAR channel for Zend Framework 1 was hosted on Google Code at this location: ZF Pear, but since the closing of Google Code we were forced to move it.

Zend Framework 1 is still used by a lot of  projects in Production, it’s still a viable library collection  and it’s also  running on  PHP7 ; even if is only in maintenance/security-patch mode, so it’s not an option to cancel it completely.

We were unable to migrate the project on since the size of the repository is more then 1 GB. We resorted to building a special server that will host only the PEAR channel for Zend Framework 1 and we are commited to keep it live and running for the long term.

Instructions on how to use the new channel can be found below .

PEAR Channel Migration Guide

Use the PEAR installer:

1. Remove the installed pear package

pear uninstall zend/zend

2. Remove the old googlecode channel

pear channel-delete

3. Discover the new channel

pear channel-discover

4. Install the package

pear install zend/zend

Follow @dotkernel  in order to be up to date related to new releases.


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