How to group log files by date using dot-log

As described in this article, dot-log is a powerful tool for logging messages in your application. It’s power stays in the fact that it can be implemented in a few easy steps and that it’s highly customizable. … Read More

How to implement MailChimp in DotKernel API

This article will walk you through the process of implementing MailChimp into your instance of DotKernel API using drewm/mailchimp-api   Step 1: Add the library to your application using the following command: composer require drewm/mailchimp-api   Step 2: Create configuration … Read More

DotKernel API 1.0.0 Released

DotKernel API 1.0.0 was just released!   What is DotKernel API? It is a Zend Expressive 3 application aiming to help developers quickly and efficiently develop an API.   How does it work? Under the hood it uses the following … Read More

DotKernel API Server Side Authorization

This article covers the basic authorization of a Server Side application¬† built using DotKernel API Protecting an endpoint no-auth: the resource can be accessed without the need of authentication/authorization authentication: the resource can be accessed only by authenticated users authorization: … Read More