Caching in DotKernel using Zend Framework

It’s very expensive to load configurations and settings from XML files, on every requests. First because of latency of accessing files from hard drive, second because of the XML file parsing burden. Because of that , we implemented in upcoming … Read MoreRead More

DotKernel Reserved Variable Names for Caching

This article is related to: Caching in DotKernel with Zend Framework Cache The variables that DotKernel cache are below: Router Router is the object that load routes (modules, controllers, actions) settings from router.xml file. More info about router: The … Read MoreRead More

Configuring the Cache in DotKernel

This article contains the DotKernel cache layer configuration guide. The DotKernel Caching Layer is based on Zend Framework Cache, more configuration options can be found at the following links: Zend Framework Cache Frontends Zend Framework Cache Backends … Read More