This post refers to DotKernel 1, based on Zend Framework 1.
If you are looking for DotKernel 3 related posts, go here.

This article is related to: Caching in DotKernel with Zend Framework Cache

The variables that DotKernel cache are below:


Router is the object that load routes (modules, controllers, actions) settings from router.xml file. More info about router:

The router is cached as router.

Auth / ACL Role

The object which authorizes user methods (aka Dot_Auth), used in all DotKernel Applications, Dot_Auth uses /configs/acl/role.xml to define the users rights.

The role.xml file is cached as acl_role.


The menu.xml from current module(what is a module?)
More about menu.xml :

The menu is cached as admin_menu, frontend_menu.


The options are the ones found in /configs/dots/ and have the following naming format: option_MODULE_CONTROLLER.

MODULE is the current module and CONTROLLER is the current controller or “seo”, so the options cache entries will look like:

  • option_admin_Admin
  • option_frontend_Page
  • option_admin_seo (yes, seo is lowercase)

Browser & OS

The browser.xml and os.xml are used to identify the Browser and OS name, icon, and type. Theese XML files are located in /configs/useragent/.

Browser & OS are cached as browser_xml and os_xml.

Note: Be careful when changing the xml files / values to be cached as they remain cached. If there is no effect that means you must clear the cache or rewrite that value in cache.

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    […] Because of that , we implemented in upcoming 1.8 version of DotKernel a cache layer where to store router, acl_role, menu, options(including seo_xml), browser_xml, os_xml, test between requests. More information about the variables which DotKernel cache by default follow this link: DotKernel Reserved Variable Names for Caching […]

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