In order to make  usable a fresh installation of Zend Server 5.5.0 on Windows 7, and be ready for development , few quick steps are required:

1. Enable mod_rewrite

–  Open the file ZEND_INSTALATION_PATH/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf. Change the directive AllowOverride fron None to All

– Restart Apache service

2. PHP fine tunes

– go to Zend Server administration interface, http://localhost:10081/ZendServer/, Server Setup-> Directives, and change the following:

– set timezone:  set date to America/New_York

-set error reporting: display_errors  set to on, and error_reporting to -1 .

3. Enable APC

– APC is listed as been enabled in Zend Server admin interface, but the app dll file is missing, and APC is not working

– download the latest php apc dll file, from here . Quite old file at the time of this post,, which is the latest Non-thread-safe VC9 file available. Download the archive and extract the file php_apc.dll to ZEND_INSTALATION_PATH/ZendServer/lib/phpext/

– open php.ini file, from ZEND_INSTALATION_PATH/ZendServer\etc\php.ini , add the line extension=php_apc.dll

– Restart Apache service



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  1. Anjali krishnan

    Thanks a lot. Simple and understanding description

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