Aptana 3.0 is in beta stage, can be downloaded from the official site .

The very super good news is that Aptana PHP Support is back , based on an annoucement from their forum. And even more,  will be integrated in Studio 3 core, not as a separate plugin.

Aptana PHP is coming back. We are in the process of developing and integrating it into the Studio 3.
The debugger will also be introduced, but it will take a few weeks till you’ll be able to get it.

At the moment, the idea is to provide the PHP debugger as a separate set of plugins that you will be able to grab from the Studio. The majority of the PHP editing capabilities will be integrated into, and delivered with, the Studio core.

-Shalom G

p.s. You can follow us on twitter for any major announcements, or follow me ‘sgibly’ for more frequent progress updates.

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