DotKernel was updated to support Zend Expressive 3 alongside with PSR-15 middleware.

We have updated the core packages to support PSR-15 Middleware.

By updating the core packages both frontend and admin are easier to migrate.

The new versions are:
frontend -> 1.0.0
admin -> 1.0.1

If your project is a DotKernel 3 instance (based on expressive 2), you can migrate your project to Zend Expressive 3 by following this guide.


What’s new

  • Runs on Zend Stratigility / Zend Expressive 3.0
  • Middleware is now PSR-15 compliant
  • PHP >=7.1 Support



  • No functional changes were made in the core code
  • If your middleware code is based on the dotkernel/dot-controller package no middleware migration is needed
  • If your middleware code is based on the http-interop/http-middleware migration must be made to implement interfaces in psr/http-server-middleware


Packages Updated

  • dotkernel/dot-authentication-service:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-authentication-web:^1.0.1
  • dotkernel/dot-authentication:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller-plugin-authentication:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller-plugin-authorization:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller-plugin-flashmessenger:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller-plugin-forms:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller-plugin-mail:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-controller-plugin-session:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-flashmessenger:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-helpers:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-log:^1.1.1
  • dotkernel/dot-mail:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-mapper:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-navigation:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-rbac:^0.2.1
  • dotkernel/dot-rbac-guard:^1.0
  • dotkernel/dot-session:^3.0
  • dotkernel/dot-twigrenderer:^1.1
  • dotkernel/dot-user:^1.0

Zend Packages (support) Updated

  • psr/http-server-middleware:^1.0
  • psr/http-server-handler:^1.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive-helpers:^5.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive-twigrenderer:^2.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive-template:^2.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive:^3.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive-fastroute:^3.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive-tooling:^1.0
  • zendframework/zend-expressive-router:^3.0
  • zendframework/zend-stratigility:^3.0
  • zendframework/zend-component-installer:^2.0


Packages Removed

  • http-interop/http-middleware
  • webimpress/http-middleware-compatibility

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