As an update to the post Installing GeoIP extension in Zend Server 5.6 on Windows , for Zend Server 6.1 , you can do the following:

  1. Download the file from
  2. From the archived file, copy the file php_geoip.dll to ZEND_PATH\Zend\ZendServer\lib\phpext\
  3.  Open php.ini file, from the location: ZEND_PATH\Zend\ZendServer\etc\php.ini
  4.  Add the below line at the end of the file extension=php_geoip.dll
  5. Save the file and “Restart PHP” :-))  from Zend Server GUI
  6. follow the step from the previous article in order to test GeoIP integration , and download the Geoip*.dat files

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