What is DotKernel?

The name DotKernel symbiotically  combines the string  Dot, as a
representation of the Internet, and Kernel, the quintessence of any IT application.

In other words Dotkernel wishes to be, with modesty, the central part of
the Internet development and hence ensuring increased development
productivity and run-time performance.

What is DotKernel 1?

DotKernel 1 is an PHP Application Framework, built on top of Zend Framework 1 (ZF1).

It has the first public release  on July 2010.

It is tight coupled with Zend Framework 1 , and add a set of custom or
external features (such as Router, Template Engine, etc.).

It is composed of Zend Framework 1 and a set of custom or external features (such as Router, Template Engine, etc.).
DotKernel 1 architecture is based on MVC.

Latest version is 1.8 Long Term Support.
Will no be released a new version anymore, only bugfixes.

What is DotKernel 3?

A collection of PSR-7 Middleware applications built on top of Zend Expressive microframework.

It is composed of a set of custom and extended Zend Framework 3 components.

DotKernel 3 architecture is based on Middleware.

DotKernel implements the following PSR’s: PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-4, PSR-7, PSR-11.

Currently there are 2 applications: Frontend, Admin and a 3rd one is under development: API

DotKernel = DotKernel 1 or DotKernel 3?

In posts older than 2017 DotKernel 1 was referred as DotKernel because it was the only DotKernel version.

Since the release of DotKernel 3, is reffered to as DotKernel 3 or DotKernel.

All future references to DotKernel 1 will be explicitly made.

As of DotKernel 3 release:

DotKernel 1 = Dot Kernel 1

DotKernel 3 = DotKernel 3

DotKernel = DotKernel 3



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