Continuing the Zend_DB article series, we are stopping now at subqueries.

As you note, the below is a complicate query, with COUNT(), LEFT JOIN(), GROUP BY
– select from 3 tables, and make a count from 2 different tables:

       (SELECT COUNT(c.track_id)
        FROM track_files AS c 
        WHERE c.track_id =
       ) AS `count_files`,
       COUNT(b.track_id) AS count_courses
FROM tracks AS a 
LEFT JOIN track_courses AS b ON ( = b.track_id)

Initialize the connection to our MySql database:

$db = Zend_Db::factory('Pdo_Mysql', $dbConnect);

		     'count_files' => new Zend_Db_Expr(
						             array(new Zend_Db_Expr('COUNT(c.track_id)')))
						   ->where('c.track_id =').')' )
		 ' = b.track_id',
		 array('count_courses' => 'COUNT(b.track_id)')

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