Continuing the Zend_DB article series, we are stopping now at DML statements.

DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements are statements that change data values in database tables. There are 3 primary DML statements:

  • INSERT – Inserting new rows into database tables.
  • UPDATE – Updating existing rows in database tables .
  • DELETE – Deleting existing rows from database tables.


$db = Zend_Db::factory('Pdo_Mysql', $dbConnect);


INSERT INTO user(email, password, firstName, lastName, active)
	   VALUES ('$email', '$password', '$firstName', '$lastName', 1);

The above SQL INSERT statement is translated in Zend_Db as follow:

$data = array( 'email' => $email,
		    'password' => $password,
		    'firstName' => $firstName,
		    'lastName' => $lastName,
		    'active' => '1');
$db->insert('user', $data);


   SET password = '$password',
       firstName = '$firstName',
       lastName = '$lastName',
       accountUpdate = (accountUpdate +1)
 WHERE id = '$id'

The above SQL UPDATE statemnet is translated in Zend_Db as follow:

$data = array('password' => $password,
              'firstName' => $firstName,
              'lastName' => $vlastname,
              'accountUpdate' => new Zend_Db_Expr('accountUpdate+1'));
$db->update('user', $data, 'id = '.$id);


DELETE FROM user WHERE id = '$id'

The above SQL DELETE statemnet is translated in Zend_Db as follow:

$db->delete('user', 'id = '.$id);


  1. igi ladera

    nice tutorial for beginner like me!!!! you ROCKZZZZZZ

  2. Daniel

    I use this site almost like for Zend_db. Thanks!

  3. Bassam Gerges Hanna

    thanks alot, any idea how to do the replace row in zend ? \m/

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