Zend Framework dropped integration of WURFL adapter

March 22, 2012
by Julian

According to Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Zend Framework Project Leader, in the next release of ZF, 1.12.0 branch, WURFL adapter will be dropped

due to a change in licensing by the WURFL project —
the free version is now AGPL — we’re dropping the WURFL adapter from
Zend_Http_UserAgent. In discussions with Zend and the CR Team, we feel
the AGPL raises too many concerns for end users with regards to how
their products must be licensed in order to comply. (This is a similar
rationale as to why we did not consider ExtJS when looking at JS
toolkits to partner with.)

As such, if you relied on the WURFL adapter in the past, you _will_ need
to change code when upgrading to ZF 1.12.0, or grab the WURFL adapter
from a previous version.

So its a good moment to check the old or current projects, and proceed.

DotKernel framework is using its own WURFL adapter, so this will not affect projects built with it .

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