Version Control Ignore Patterns in Zend Studio

In order to globally manage the “Ignored Resources”  patterns in Zend Studio, for all projects , instead of manually add to each project, you can do the following: 1. Go to Window-> Preferences 2. Team -> Ignored Resources  3. using … Read More

SVN keywords setup in PHP IDE ( Zend Studio)

For a better integration of SVN, your PHP IDE( Zend Studio), and a bug tracker of choice, the below proprieties must be set, for each project you have. … Read More

SVN Export in a virtual host

The following commands should be run in the terminal (for example, using Putty in Windows) on the host where you want to export the repository). It’s recommended that you run them using the domain’s user, not root. … Read More

Aptana – set SVN keywords

In Aptana it’s very simple to set the svn:keywords property for a file. For example if you want to set the svn keyword property Id: … Read More

Using Aptana to connect to DotKernel tracker (Mantis)

In developing DotKernel application framework, we needed a tracking system. DotKernel Tracker is the place where the bugs are reported, new features are announced and other general tickets are added. DotKernel Tracker is a Mantis web-based bugtracking system. To simplify … Read MoreRead More