Zend_Mail and Zend_Http Security Fixes in Zend Framework 1.12.12

The release of ZF 1.12.12 was just announced,  with Security Updates especially on Zend_Mail and Zend_Http components. For more information, please read the official release announcement: Zend Framework 1.12.12 Released Also, the ZF  PEAR channel was updated to latest 1.12.12 … Read More

How to use Alerts in DotKernel

Alerts (or Dot_Alert’s) are e-mails usually sent to the site developers, these messages are sent with mail() therefore you shouldn’t use them to send regular mail. Alerts should only notify you as a developer: “Hey, something’s wrong here, you might … Read MoreRead More

Nested Blocks in Dot_Template

If you want to list items in a 4×4 grid such as a gallery you will need blocks on two layers, lines and columns, which means that you will use nested blocks. Nested blocks are blocks inside other blocks. There … Read MoreRead More

GeoIP City Removed From DotKernel

In the newest version we have removed the GeoIP City integration. The City database on GeoIP 1.1.0 extension was causing a segmentation fault, which resulted in crashing or outputting an error instead of executing the PHP Code. … Read More

Caching in DotKernel using Zend Framework

It’s very expensive to load configurations and settings from XML files, on every requests. First because of latency of accessing files from hard drive, second because of the XML file parsing burden. Because of that , we implemented in upcoming … Read MoreRead More