Floating-Point Arithmetic – Why is (int)((0.7+0.1)*10) = 7 ?

This article applies to PHP 5.x but also to PHP 7 While using floating-point arithmetic you might have noticed that not all the calculus results are as expected, this can usually be observed when casting values. So the output for … Read MoreRead More

Using PHP 7 Express in Zend Studio 13

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Adding Windows 10 OS and Browser detection in DotKernel projects

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DotKernel 1.8.1 + Upgrade from 1.8.0 Released

DotKernel 1.8.1 was just released. Changes to DotKernel in the latest release: – Enhanced Cache Support, which means you can use tags in your cache system if the host suports it Here are some useful download links: DotKernel 1.8.1 Upgrade … Read More

DotKernel 1.8.0 LTS Released

DotKernel 1.8.0 (LTS) was just released. What is LTS? Long-term support (LTS) is a type of special versions or editions of software designed to be supported for a longer than normal period. It is particularly applicable to open-source software projects. … Read MoreRead More