DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications


1. Special Controllers

Backend: Admin


Ajax: Ajax

Also the above controllers are reserved words so you cannot have an action called admin, rss or ajax in frontend

2. URL pattern

for default module frontend, all url’s will be like:


and for admin will be:


3. Adding a new Controller, called Articles , for instance, in frontend, you need to add 3 files

CONTROLLER: controllers/frontend/articlesController.php , which contain the switch

MODEL: DotKernel/frontend/Articles.php, which contain class Articles

VIEW: DotKernel/frontend/views/articlesView.php , which contain class Articles_View
and the folder templates/frontend/articles/ with the necessary template files

– you MUST add in config/application.ini the line:

resources.controllers.frontend.articles = Articles

4. Structure of folders

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