DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications

Menu Xml

The menu can have sub menus.

There is only one file for all menus.

frontend/menus.xml (stores menu items and sub items from frontend module)

admin/menus.xml (stores menu items and sub items from admin module)

Open the file to see xml structure.

id tag is used to register the menu. To parse the menu that has id 1, you will use {MENU_1} in your tpl file

type – menu can be horizontal/vertical (has sub menus), horizontal_simple/vertical_simple (does not have sub menus)

display tag is used to show/hide the menu

There are a few options that change how the menu link behaves:

target (_blank value will open a new tab, leave empty by default)

external (if true then the final link will no longer have {SITE_URL}/ on the left side)

isLogged (if true the link will only appear if user is logged)

notLogged (if true the link will only appear if user is not logged)

There is one exception in menu behaviour
If link field has no value then the menu will act as a javascript button show/hide its submenu,
the page won’t be refreshed.

Links should always have / at the end but not at the beginning

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