DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications

Good to know

As you have already heard DotKernel is intended to speed things up a bit,

so we added some features to help with this:

– errors (use $_SESSION[‘kernel’][‘errors’][] to store error messages and the script will automatically show the errors)

– autofill form fields in case of errors

use $_SESSION[‘kernel’][‘post_data’] = $_POST;

just before redirecting back to the form and the script will autofill the fields.

NOTICE: fields names and TPL tags must have the same names for autofill to work.

NOTICE: autofill will only work for simple input fields , checkboxes, radio and dropdowns won’t work.

– pagination , use {PAGINATION} tag in your tpl file

Call example: $tpl->paginator($data, $link, $currentPage);

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