Start here! All you need to know to start using Dotkernel

Here we will cover all the things you need to know and do in order to use Dotkernel. Check it’s system requirements, download, install it and begin your projects.Welcome to the world of enterprise programming!

What is Dotkernel

DotKernel is an Application PHP Framework, built on top of Zend Framework (ZF), and based on 6 years of experience.

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System Requirements

Before running Dotkernel you have to check a few things

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Change Log

DotKernel 1.3.1 – Nov 03, 2010

DotKernel 1.3.0 – Oct 15, 2010

DotKernel 1.3.0 RC – Oct 01, 2010

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Our road, briefly described, from begining to this date

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DotKernel 1.2.1 – July 22, 2010 (current version)

DotKernel 1.2.0 – July 2, 2010

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In order to install DotKernel, there are a few steps to follow.

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Naming Conventions

Having naming conventions is important, because it makes the code easier and faster to put together and understand.

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PHP Documentation

DotKernel PHP documentation is generated using phpDocumentor

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