This post refers to DotKernel 1, based on Zend Framework 1.
If you are looking for DotKernel 3 related posts, go here.

menu.xml is used to display the menu for each module. Each module has one menu file:

  • configs/frontend/menu.xml
  • configs/admin/menu.xml

menu.xml sample code:

				<title>About Us</title>
  • id tag is used to register the menu. To parse the menu that has id 1, you need to use {MENU_1} in your tpl file
  • type – menu can have submenus (horizontal/vertical) or not (horizontal_simple / vertical_simple)
  • display tag is used to show/hide the menu

There are a few options that can change the behavior of the menu link:

  • target (_blank value will open a new tab, leave empty by default)
  • external (if true then the final link will no longer have {SITE_URL}/ on the left side)
  • isLogged (if true the link will only appear for a logged user)
  • notLogged (if true the link will only appear if no user is logged in)

There is one exception in the menu behavior: if link tag has no value then the menu will act as a javascript button show/hide its submenu – the page won’t be refreshed.
Links should always have / (slash) at the end but not at the beginning.

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