This post refers to DotKernel 1, based on Zend Framework 1.
If you are looking for DotKernel 3 related posts, go here.

DotKernel dots structure
We use the term dots when talking about a submodule and all its component files: MVC (*.php), configuration (*.xml), template (*.tpl), javascript (*.js) … For example, “user” is a submodule for the admin module.

Dots components:
– PHP files following the MVC pattern
– template files – View from MVC pattern (HTML)
– javascript file – View from MVC pattern
– configuration file – configuration values that were previously hard-coded in php
Note that one configuration dots can belong to multiple modules. (e.g. configs/dots/user.xml belongs to frontend and admin module).

In the image on the left are displayed the component files of the user dots:
    – Model – DotKernel/admin/User.php,
    – View – DotKernel/admin/views/UserView.php
    – Controller – controllers/admin/UserController.php
    – template – HTML content: templates/admin/user/*.tpl
    – javascript – templates/js/frontend/user.js
    – configuration – configs/dots/user.xml

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