This post refers to DotKernel 1, based on Zend Framework 1.
If you are looking for DotKernel 3 related posts, go here.

DotKernel folder structure
The DotKernel structure is displayed in the image on the left. Below is a short description for each folder:
configs – all the configuration variables are stored here,
controllers – as the name suggest here are the Controllers,
DotKernel – Model and View php files are here,
externals – should contain external API, libraries …
library – has DotKernel libraries in it,
templates – view related stuff (HTML, CSS and JavaScript files).
What follows is the file short description:
application.ini – store important configuration values like application state (production, staging and development), website URL, database connection user and password, PHP settings, modules list, …
resource.xml – includes module settings like controllers(dots), default action controllers, session values
browser.xml – used to detect the browser
os.xml – used to detect the operating system
admin/menu.xml – includes menu settings for the module(in this case, the admin module)
dotkernel.sql – stores database structure and data
index.php – the bootstrap of the application

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