DotKernel PSR-7 Middleware Applications

ChangeLog 1.7.1

This post refers to DotKernel 1, based on Zend Framework 1.
If you are looking for DotKernel 3 related posts, go here.

DotKernel 1.7.1 (r787), Released on March 31, 2014

New in 1.7.1

  • upgrade dk.php file to check nginx also, display web server PHP bridge name , versions for APC and GeoIP
  • improved dk.php to check for APCu extension first, then for APC
  • added ACPu detailed informations in admin dashboard , using the acpu.php file
  • added a line in .htaccess file to avoid routing of *not found* files throw index.php bootstrap example: css, js, png, jpg , gif files
  • testing SVN connector version 1.8
  • small cosmetic changes, to test SVN client 1.8 with SVN server 1.6.11
  • updated apcu.php file, design changes
  • update copyright years. Mostly  to test new SVN location
  • update debug bar layout and opcache is added
  • update release number to 1.7.1

No upgrade path from the previous stable release

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