SVN keywords setup in PHP IDE ( Zend Studio)

February 21, 2013
by Julian

For a better integration of SVN, your PHP IDE( Zend Studio), and a bug tracker of choice, the below proprieties must be set, for each project you have.

Right click on project
Go to Team->Set Propriety

  • SVN Ignore files, below you have an example. As we do not want to commit your local settings
    to the main repository :-)
Name: svn:ignore
  • Basic integration with a bug tracker
Name: bugtracq:label
Propriety: Tracker ID:
Name: bugtraq:message
Propriety: [Tracker ID: #%BUGID%]
  • If you have a public bug tracker system , example Mantis
Name: bugtraq:url

For above Proprieties , apply only to project folder, NOT recursive

Final step( below instructions are good only for svn:keywords )


Check the Apply property recursively to:
Select All resources
Check the Use filtration by the resource name and add Mask: *.php


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